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About the Korean Kumdo Federation

The Korean Kumdo Federation (KKF) is a Kumdo federation founded by Grand Master H.W. Kim, who holds the rank of 9th Dan.  Grand Master Kim served as the bodyguard to dignitaries in the African nation of Gabon and trained the Korean Special Forces. 

Grand Master Kim has been teaching for 35 years and currently owns schools in Gaithersburg and Frederick, Maryland.  He is the President of the Korean Kumdo Federation, which is located in Frederick and Gaithersburg, Maryland. 

The KKF upholds the highest training standards and prides itself on the certification process of its instructors.

Once virtually erased in Korea, Kumdo can now be found throughout the world.  The Korean Kumdo Federation hopes to help continue the dedication of all Kumdo Masters by instilling our high standards and love of the art to all of our members and by growing together in order to make the art of Kumdo one of the largest practiced martial arts worldwide.

The KKF strives to promote training for a balanced martial artist consisting of three things:

a. Physical

b. Mental

c. Spiritual

Any individual interested in training may visit our school website at www.koreanmartialartsinc.com


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