Korean KumDo Federation

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Any school or club which teaches KumDo is eligible to apply for school membership in the KKF. Application consists of submission of the $200 membership fee, school application form, and copies of the school owner/instructor's martial arts resume and any supporting documents (Rank certificates, letters of reference etc.)

Any person with third Dan and above, any martial art, can join, but must take the masters course for which there will be an additional one time fee.  The Dan certification fee is $300.  As part of the Dan certification, applicant will be asked to submit recorded demonstrations of the techniques if you can't physically attend our testing.

Master Course will entitle you to:

Instructors Certificate stating that they are qualified, and their 4th Dan KumDo (5th possibly depending on their current rank).  

School membership will entitle you to:

1)  Detailed curriculum DVD
2)  School membership certificate
3)  Support/testing
4)  KKF Seminar privileges
5)  May promote students to KKF rank (with our certificates) up to Black Belt 1st Degree.

Dan rank recognition is the domain of the Board of Examiners & Grand Master H.W. Kim.

To Join:
Download the Membership Agreement for the Korean Kumdo Federation
Download the Black Belt Application form for the Korean Kumdo Federation

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